Planning Resolutions Update, February 2018

Valentine’s goodies for work – red velvet whoopie pies and chocolate covered strawberries!

Once again, I’m doing this post near the end of the month instead on some time that would make much more sense. However, I do want to keep myself accountable and track how I’m doing on achieving the resolutions I set in January, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Here’s where things stand:

  • Drop weight and increase stamina
    • Plan: exercise at least once a day, keep a food diary and focus my nutrition on cutting fats & carbs and upping my fruits & veggies
      • Progress: I’ve been exercising a few days a week (not everyday unfortunately), haven’t been totally consistent with my food diary – particularly after a nasty 24-hour bug – and haven’t been drinking my breakfast smoothies consistently which would help with the fruits and veggies goal.
      • TLDR: Not great, needs work
  • Get a promotion at work
    • Plan: after a review last year where I was given feedback on how to get to the next level, continue following through as outlined and communicating with leadership
      • This is a hard one to write, but here we go. I’ve been ramping up my efforts and focusing on improving my overall performance, and while I’ve gotten positive feedback (both professionally and financially), I don’t foresee a promotion happening any time soon due to a variety of factors that are unfortunately out of my control.
      • TLDR: I’ve got lots of career thinking to do over the coming months.  
  • Start a blog
    • Plan: here we are!
      • Including this entry, I’ve completed five posts! My next step here is to start growing my readership. After all, I don’t want to be sending these posts out into the void, and I’d love to interact with readers and start getting feedback.
      • TLDR: Keep going!
  • Increase additional revenue streams
    • Plan A: apply to various online programs that give rewards, either in cash or gift cards, for various tasks
    • Plan B: find possible work-from-home opportunities that I can do in the evenings and on weekends
    • Plan C: Bake?
      • This is another hard one to admit, but I have been extremely lax in going after side hustles. January and a good deal of February, Mr. P² and I have reached various levels of illness so my inclination to take on additional work was fairly minimal. I’ve got some cute baking ideas, so fingers crossed that I can get some moolah rolling in soon.
      • TLDR: get hustling!
  • Learn
    • Plan: utilize my company’s offered resources to learn new skills and enhance my current skill set and continue practicing my French
      • See above re: side hustles. Being sick with various versions of the flu and colds really damages one’s drive to achieve greatness when all you can do is keep track of the closest bucket for emergencies – not that I’m speaking from experience, naturally :-/.
      • TLDR: I need to get my stuff together and stay healthy.

While I’m not necessarily happy with my current progress, I’ve also resolved to say yes more often in an attempt to boost my motivation. So far that has paid off beautifully with the offer of a board position with a group at my work, playing on a fantastic volleyball team with a woman who’s willing to work with me to enhance my abilities, and generally meeting more people. I highly recommend it – even as a temporary coping mechanism. If you’re struggling, you might be surprised by the results.

All the best,

Mrs. P²

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  1. You need to set realistic ACHIEVABLE GOALS. Going from not working out at all, to wanting to do it everyday is a huge change and is guaranteed to disappoint. Make small baby goals to reach the BIG GOALS. This way, you won’t feel so discouraged by not meeting them.

    I’m proud of you for keeping yourself accountable on here though. It will be so cool to look back and see how much has changed over time!

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