I’m Having Directional Issues

Behold the contemplative puppy…

Oh my dear old go-to app. We’ve been together a long time, ever since that trip to Austin for a bachelorette party in 2013. We’ve traveled together, protected each other, and discovered new places together. But we’ve reached that point in our relationship the wires are crossed, and we’ve lost the signal that made our relationship special.

In this particular instance, I’m fairly certain it’s you – not me. You don’t understand my needs, and you’re constantly second-guessing me. On more than one occasion you’ve almost put my life in danger, which I don’t think is really acceptable. We argue constantly, and you always think you’re right – even when you’re dead wrong. I simply don’t see how our relationship can continue down this road when U-turns keep happening.

Faith and trust are paramount in a relationship, and lately I feel like my faith and trust in you is diminishing to the point where I’ve had to look for outside help. I don’t like being unfaithful, but I’ve found other, more reliable support systems out there that give me what I need. You do occasionally pull through and remind me of the good old days when you watched out for me and helped guide me, but those days seem to be far and few between any time I need you.

That being said, I think we need to take a break. I want to believe things will get better, but you’ve got a lot of changes to make before my faith and trust in you is restored.

Au revoir Waze – until we meet again.

Sad Waze


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