Emergency Surgery AKA How to Kill Your Plans Without Trying

We’ve had our own personal tennis match going on at the house lately, and it goes something like this: I get sick, then gradually serve it to Mr. P² or my mom, who then return it back to me, rinse and repeat. I’m fairly certain you can probably watch the germs jump between us, which I guess is the price you pay when living in close quarters during flu season. However, today’s post is about the sick you never see coming: emergency surgery. I never thought I’d experience those two little words, but one Thursday in March 2017, I got a heaping dose of reality. I had gone out with some friends for dinner and ate a lot – we’re talking fat kid status of grilled cheese and french fries with a hard cider (or two). Later that night, I woke up with what I thought was food poisoning. […] Read More

What I’m Currently Planning, January 2018

It’s just after New Year’s, so resolutions are running rampant through social media, the streets and my own head. Mr. P² and I have decided that this will be our year, which surprisingly is something we’ve never committed to before. I’m desperately hoping we can buy a house next year, so there’s a lot coming down the pipeline that needs plans, contingencies and of course $$$. On top of all of that, neither Mr. P² nor I are happy with where we are health-wise, so that’s become a big priority for both of us. I suffer from asthma and have to use my inhaler fairly often, so I’m hoping by following through with my goals that my body will give me a break. That being said, here are my resolutions and the accompanying high-level plans: Drop weight and increase stamina Plan: exercise at least once a day, keep a […] Read More

It’s here – The Planning Perfectionist!

I’ve never had to start a preliminary blog post before, and I’m sure when I look back at this years from now, I’ll wonder what the heck I was thinking. But anyways – here goes nothing. My name is Mrs. P² – let’s face it, Mrs. Planning Perfectionist is a mouthful – and I’ve been noodling around with starting a blog for well over a year now, but couldn’t decide on the direction it should take. While I have many interests, it seems like there’s a blog for pretty much anything nowadays, and I didn’t want my efforts to get too lost in the masses. I’ve been following Jenny Lawson’s blog for a while – for those who don’t know, I’ll wait while you acquaint yourselves with The Bloggess (http://thebloggess.com/)… as I was saying, I’ve been following her for some time, and I realized how much I adore her […] Read More