Planning Resolutions Update, February 2018

Once again, I’m doing this post near the end of the month instead on some time that would make much more sense. However, I do want to keep myself accountable and track how I’m doing on achieving the resolutions I set in January, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Here’s where things stand: Drop weight and increase stamina Plan: exercise at least once a day, keep a food diary and focus my nutrition on cutting fats & carbs and upping my fruits & veggies Progress: I’ve been exercising a few days a week (not everyday unfortunately), haven’t been totally consistent with my food diary – particularly after a nasty 24-hour bug – and haven’t been drinking my breakfast smoothies consistently which would help with the fruits and veggies goal. TLDR: Not great, needs work Get a promotion at work Plan: after a review last year where I […] Read More

Meal Planning Breakfast Smoothie

Mr. P² and I have been meal planning in some way for several years now. I like knowing that he’s eating healthy meals that have no preservatives, and saving money by not buying lunch is also a plus. While we meal prep all of his meals at least for the work week, my meals don’t get quite as much love and attention. By the time we finish with his food, we’re both exhausted – him from stressing and hating cooking, and me from continuously trying to talk him down off the ever lurking “fuck it” ledge of unhealthy food. However, the one thing I can make for myself ahead of time that’s not too stressful and helps me with my fruits & veggies goal is my breakfast smoothies. While I’m not a mason jar addict, they do come in handy for certain things like freezing a week-long batch of smoothies. […] Read More

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101

I fully intend on writing many blog posts detailing how I planned my own wedding, however, today I want to touch on something I experienced recently: being a wedding guest. While weeks, months and sometimes even years go into planning a wedding, when the day finally arrives, are you prepared to be a courteous and comfortable guest? The recent nuptials I attended were absolutely fantastic, and honestly I felt honored to be included along with Mr. P². We met the couple several years ago on a Facebook group for people with similar interests (get your minds out of the gutter :-P). The bride and groom tailored the event perfectly to their tastes, and with a limited guest list of mostly couples who are all friends, it was a lovely evening. We knew ahead of time that it was going to be a long day. The ceremony went from 15:30 to […] Read More

Emergency Surgery AKA How to Kill Your Plans Without Trying

We’ve had our own personal tennis match going on at the house lately, and it goes something like this: I get sick, then gradually serve it to Mr. P² or my mom, who then return it back to me, rinse and repeat. I’m fairly certain you can probably watch the germs jump between us, which I guess is the price you pay when living in close quarters during flu season. However, today’s post is about the sick you never see coming: emergency surgery. I never thought I’d experience those two little words, but one Thursday in March 2017, I got a heaping dose of reality. I had gone out with some friends for dinner and ate a lot – we’re talking fat kid status of grilled cheese and french fries with a hard cider (or two). Later that night, I woke up with what I thought was food poisoning. […] Read More

What I’m Currently Planning, January 2018

It’s just after New Year’s, so resolutions are running rampant through social media, the streets and my own head. Mr. P² and I have decided that this will be our year, which surprisingly is something we’ve never committed to before. I’m desperately hoping we can buy a house next year, so there’s a lot coming down the pipeline that needs plans, contingencies and of course $$$. On top of all of that, neither Mr. P² nor I are happy with where we are health-wise, so that’s become a big priority for both of us. I suffer from asthma and have to use my inhaler fairly often, so I’m hoping by following through with my goals that my body will give me a break. That being said, here are my resolutions and the accompanying high-level plans: Drop weight and increase stamina Plan: exercise at least once a day, keep a […] Read More

It’s here – The Planning Perfectionist!

I’ve never had to start a preliminary blog post before, and I’m sure when I look back at this years from now, I’ll wonder what the heck I was thinking. But anyways – here goes nothing. My name is Mrs. P² – let’s face it, Mrs. Planning Perfectionist is a mouthful – and I’ve been noodling around with starting a blog for well over a year now, but couldn’t decide on the direction it should take. While I have many interests, it seems like there’s a blog for pretty much anything nowadays, and I didn’t want my efforts to get too lost in the masses. I’ve been following Jenny Lawson’s blog for a while – for those who don’t know, I’ll wait while you acquaint yourselves with The Bloggess (… as I was saying, I’ve been following her for some time, and I realized how much I adore her […] Read More